Potato vodka

Why distil the hell out of vodka and filter out all the goodness?

Don’t remove the spirit. Add potatoes with the soft-boiled smile of Mona Lisa and the character of a true Dada Vinci. With this product we want to demonstrate that vodka with character is possible! We went looking for local organic potatoes and the rest is history.

Dada factor: This unholy vodka is unfiltered and Mona Lisa is ours (the organic Belgian potatoes of the same name are at least).

Taste buds: A super sharp nose with a nostalgic twist. The perky potatoes provide a silky-smooth finish and a rounded taste that makes your tastebuds go ‘OOOOOOOH’.


Rum rules the world. But why import sugar cane and ferment it when there are acres of sugar beet shooting out of the ground right here?

Bye bye rum, hello Brhum.

Distilled from A to Z in the Dada distillery.

Dada factor: Belgium bounces to the beats of beets in a totally tropical climate!

Taste buds: A sophisticated nose, a round mouthfeel, and pleasant cocoa noted finish.

Aged Brhum

One year of maturation on oak gives our Brhum unmistakable sweet and elegant flavours.

Brhum with a twist. Delicious neat.

Distilled and aged in the Dada distillery. Matured in a blend of American and French oak barrels.

Dada factor: Belgium bounces to the beats of beets in a totally tropical climate!

Taste buds: A sophisticated nose, a round mouthfeel, and pleasant cocoa noted finish. Loads of oak, vanilla and caramel blend elegantly in.


Commercial gins are packed with unnecessary high amounts of weird (up to outright stupid!) botanicals to the point one might ask what gin is all about? We’ll tell you: Gin is alcohol flavored during distillation with juniper berries. People have been doing it for centuries because… it is delicious.

We got back to the essence of it and made one with no other botanicals or other ingredients whatsoever. 100% juniper. 100% distilled. No sugar added, no flavoring, no coloring, NO-THING. We used the freshest berries one could find, just following the harvest in October. Our gin is so packed with juniper berries it naturally turns cloudy when you add water or tonic to it. This is how Gin is supposed to be. Enjoy!

Dada Factor: “Not the new, not the old, but the necessary” – Tristan Tzara.

Taste buds: Fresh nose with a fruity character. Juniper forward & smooth taste lingers in the mouth like no other.

Raspberry gin

This summer love between raspberries and juniper berries conceived at Dada Chapel is a marvelous seasonal & limited release.

Taste buds

The fresh raspberry matches the juniper berry for a fruity gin full of love & sunshine.

Organic, all-natural, vegan & free of allergens. No colorants nor bullshit added.

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