La muse

When kindred spirits find each other, special creations come to live. In collaboration with jewelry designers Wouters & Hendrix, Dada Chapel proudly presents ‘La Muse’. An extraordinary, groundbreaking partnership that fuses the cultural movements of dadaism and surrealism. A limited edition of 100 bottles of Dada Chapel’s sublime Potato Vodka has been adorned with an exclusive and custom-made Wouters & Hendrix jewel. Available for order now.

Owners of “La Muse” can refill their bottles up to five time a the distillery.


Wouters & Hendrix

Meet Wouters & Hendrix, our beloved partner in an exciting new collaboration.

La Muse is part of their new collection “La Fête des bëtes”.

The Belgian jewelry makers constantly bend the rules of traditional jewelry making and wearing. As subtle rebels with a love for surrealism, they are drawn to unexpected combinations of materials and techniques, gently adorning your body with tales in silver and gold.

Wouters & Hendrix is all about blending craftsmanship and creativity. They revolutionize jewelry by re-think what a jewel can be just like we re-thought what vodka and rhum are in their essence. We are pushing boundaries of our fields.

These 100 bottles are the result of our exclusive collaboration. An ode to absurd creativity and beauty.


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