Organic DRY GIN – technical info


This flavorful London Dry Gin is entirely distilled with only real, fresh, organic, tasty juniper berries and the purest organic wheat alcohol.

Ingredients: Organic wheat, organic juniper berries, water.

Alcohol content: 47,4% vol.

Good to know: Our Gin is gluten free and contains no known allergens. It is a “London Dry” gin because all the juniper berries are distilled at once in our pot still in Ghent, and no artificial flavoring or whatsoever are added afterwards (this is gin how it is supposed to be!).

Nutritional value

Per 100 ml Per serve (30 ml)
Energy: 262 kcal / 1100 kJ 79 kcal / 330 kJ
Alcohol: 37,5 g 11,3 g
Organic Dry Gin contains no sugar, no carbohydrates other than the alcohol, no protein, a negligibly small amount of fat (= our organic juniper berries’s very tasty essential oils), no salt, no known allergens and no fibers.

Stay safe

Our qualitative spirits are meant to be enjoyed responsibly. Please take care of yourself and others. Follow official advice, here is a link to the official website from the Belgian government :

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