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This website is the property of Dada Chapel.

Registered Office:
Dada Chapel
Nederpolder 1
9000 Ghent

E-mail: info@dadachapel.be

Company Number: BTW BE 0876.300.275

The General Conditions as stated here, apply to all products offered for sale on the Dada Chapel shop and for all deliveries. Every order implies the general conditions of sale are accepted. The customer has the right to inform the seller to renounce the purchase, without having to pay a fine and without having to state the reasons, within 7 calendar days following the delivery of the goods or the making of the deal. Only Belgian Law applies to the General Conditions of Dada Chapel.


Working days: are all calendar days except Sundays and legal holidays.


The agreement between Dada Chapel and the buyer is realised as soon as the buyer has accepted the conditions made by Dada Chapel and agreed with them. The lack of a traditional signature does not affect the obligatory character of the offer and its acceptation. Dada Chapel has the right to refuse an order to subject it to extra conditions, for instance for huge orders, orders placed by minors, when the order procedures have not been completely executed or when previous orders have caused problems. Dada Chapel will always confirm the order by e-mail. As long as a confirmation e-mail has not been received by the customer, the order is not valid. Payment of products bought at Dada Chapel can exclusively be made by available methods of payment. The seller remains the owner of the goods till payment has been completed. To guarantee safe online payment and the safety of your personal data, transactions are sent over the Internet locked and secured by SSL technology. To execute payment through SSL, no extra software is needed. When payment is not made in due time, Dada Chapel has got the authority to cancel the agreement immediately or to delay (further) delivery of the goods till full payment has been made. The General conditions and the confirmation mails are always stated in the language of the website.


The delivery times stated by Dada Chapel are approximately correct but are not ultimate deadlines. The ultimate delivery time is 30 days after receiving the order, except when payment is made by transfer: in this case the ultimate delivery time is 30 days after receiving the payment. As soon as the goods have been delivered at the delivery address, the risk concerning these products is the purchaser’s responsibility. For deliveries abroad the general conditions can be different.

Dada Chapel delivers in the following country: Belgium.

Deliveries are made exclusively through a courier service, unless, previous to the agreement, another way of delivery was agreed upon. Contact information of the courier service can be found on the following websites:

www.bpost.be/bpack, https://gls-group.eu/, https://www.postnl.nl/

You will be informed about shipping and delivery costs before your purchase is confirmed. If shipping costs cannot be calculated automatically, this will be mentioned and /or an estimation of the shipping costs will be forwarded.


We provide as accurately as possible information, images, oral information, price quotes concerning the goods offered and the main characteristics of the goods given by phone or e-mail.. Dada Chapel does not accept responsibility for advice it has provided, printing errors on the website or technical information provided by suppliers or manufacturers. For every product availability is mentioned. Dada Chapel tries to provide correct information, yet it can occur that goods cannot be delivered, due to unintentional wrong stock data or goods that can’t be delivered by the suppliers. In such a case Dada Chapel will contact you as soon as possible and offer you a solution.
The products offered by Dada Chapel comply with legal standards and can be sold online.
It is possible that Dada Chapel includes in its website links to other sites that could be interesting or informative for the visitor. These links are of an exclusively informative nature. Dada Chapel is not responsible for the contents of these sites, nor for its use.


The Belgian Bill of Law on Commercial Practice, the Information and Protection of the Customer of April 12 2010, states that the purchaser has a time for reflection of 14 calendar days for all products bought from Dada Chapel. This period starts as soon as you or someone assigned by you has received the goods. During this period we expect you to handle the goods and the package material carefully. The right to cancel the purchase is not possible when the product and the package material is damaged, used or not in its original form. When you want to cancel the purchase, you must inform us by phone or by letter within 14 calendar days following the day of delivery of the goods. Cancelling the purchase is not subject to any fines and a reason must not be given. More information about cancelling or returning goods can be found in the section cancelling, returning and exchanging on our website.
The goods must be returned undamaged, unused and unopened (in their original packaging) at the very latest 14 days after delivery. The shipping date is the control date. All documentation, certificates of guarantee and packing materials must be added to the return shipment, as well as the number of your bank account. The purchaser pays the shipping costs of the returned goods.
Shipments that have not been stamped (or the stamp is not clearly readable) are always refused and will be sent back to the purchaser.
Dada Chapel returns the complete amount of the purchase, including shipping costs, within 30 days after the goods have been returned. If goods have not been returned in accordance with the conditions of the right to cancel, the amount of the purchase including the shipping costs, will not or not completely be returned. The product , in this case, remains your property. On your demand the
goods can be sent back to you on the condition of payment of the shipping costs.

– Exceptions on the conditions stated here:
When a product was made or changed especially for you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 calendar days does nor apply. 

This also applies to perishables, CDs, DVDs, software, CD-ROMs or other similar products of which the seal has been broken or the packaging opened.

Repayment is not possible when a product has been worn or is damaged in any other way.
– Goods must be returned to the following address: Webshop, Dada Chapel, Nederpolder 1, Ghent, Belgium


Dada Chapel applies the official conditions of warranty as stated by its suppliers. Dealing with warranty will always be the responsibility of Dada Chapel, except for the shipping costs the consumer has made to return the product.


The customer is obliged to control the goods thoroughly immediately after receiving them. He has to control whether the goods are conform to the agreement:

Have the correct goods been delivered?
Do the delivered goods comply with the agreed quality specifications, or –if no specifications were made – to the standards that can be expected for normal use of the goods?
When a clear, manifest fault is found it must be reported to Dada Chapel within 7 working days after delivery.
A hidden fault must be reported within 2 working days after discovering it, in writing by e-mail. This must happen at the latest 2 months after delivery of the products. The costs for returning the goods that do not comply with the description of the offer will be borne by Dada Chapel.


These are all external causes, anticipated or not, and on which Dada Chapel cannot exert any influence, yet which make it impossibly for Dada Chapel to meet its commitments. Dada Chapel has the right to appeal to ‘Circumstances beyond our control’ if the circumstances that make it impossible to meet its commitments occur after Dada Chapel should have met its commitments. In such a situation delivery and other obligations of Dada Chapel are cancelled. If this period is longer than 8 weeks, both parties can undo the agreement, without any obligation of compensation.


Before settling the bill you are notified of the price of the goods. All prices are in euro and include VAT, Recupel, Bebat and Reprobel. Shipment costs are mentioned separately. Agreeing a price with the customer does not omit the right of Dada Chapel to raise the price.
Offers are valid as long as the goods are in stock. If a price is risen after the agreement was made, the customer can cancel the agreement, independently from the percentage of the raise. A personal offer has a validity of 2 weeks, unless another period has been stated on the offer.


The contents of this site, including brands, logos, drawings, data, names of products or companies, texts, images etc. are protected by intellectual rights and belong to Dada Chapel or third parties who own the rights.


Complaints and disputes must be made within 7 days after delivery. If a complaint is accepted our liability is limited to exchanging the goods. The liability of the seller is limited to the amount paid for every order. Dada Chapel will deal with questions or complaints within the reasonable period of 7 calendar days.


Exclusively Belgian Law applies on all offers and agreements, without giving effect to any principles of law. All disagreements originated by offers or deals made by Dada Chapel shall be filed only before the authorised Court of Justice of Kortrijk, unless an imperative statutory provision indicates another jurisdiction as authorised.


The information on the website has got a general character. It has not been adapted to personal or specific circumstances and therefore cannot be considered as personal, professional or legal advice to the customer. Dada Chapel makes every possible effort to provide correct, accurate and up-to-date information. In spite of these efforts inaccuracies can occur in the information. provided on the website. If the information is inaccurate or if parts of the information is unavailable on the website, Dada Chapel will do its utmost to rectify this without delay. However, Dada Chapel cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the information on this site.

If you find inaccuracies in the information provided by this site you can contact the administrator. The contents of this site, including the links, can be adapted, changed or completed without previous announcement. Dada Chapel cannot guarantee the good operation of this site and cannot be held responsible for a bad operation, temporarily unavailability of the site, or for any damage caused by access to, or use of the website. Dada Chapel can never be held responsible directly or indirectly for damage caused by the use of this site or other sites, especially as a consequence of links or hyperlinks, including all loss, interruption of work, damage to programmes and other computer system data, machinery programmes or other assets of the user. The website can contain hyperlinks to sites or pages of third parties or refer to these indirectly. Putting the links to these sites or pages does not imply any approval of their contents.
Dada Chapel clearly states it has got no control over the characteristics of these sites and can never be held responsible for the contents or the characteristics of them, nor for any damage caused by using them.

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